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[rndtxt] She was meant to die, but since she's the reason, or a part of the reason, most people watch the show they revamped the ending to make her live. yeah. Just as a side note, it is more acceptable to show violence in the cartoon The Legend of Korra than other cartoons, as it's aimed more at teenagers than little children (much like Japanese anime often are), which is somewhat unusual for western cartoons (as western cartoons tend to be aimed at pre-teens and younger children). Later, from the same arc, Naruto's eight-tailed form is essentially a fox without any skin, and the nine-tails tries to get Naruto to open the seal by making the seal on his chest into a massive bloody hole. Whatever the reason, the result is prime Nightmare Fuel. Gloriana and M24 Chaffees of University Team have high mobility, but very little armor. The film Balto features a scene in which the main characters are suddenly attacked by a vicious and enormous bear, which can be very terrifying for young children (especially seeing the main character get almost crushed to death by said bear). The violence in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure can get downright gruesome at times, as characters are beheaded, their limbs are amputated, they are impaled, crushed under heavy debris, and in one example from Steel Ball Run, completely obliterated into tiny cube-shaped pieces. There Is No Kill Like Overkill: The University Team manages to outdo Kuromorimine's antics in the show. Strangler: AAAUGH!!! Get your feet out of my eye sockets! SpongeBob: I'm trying, but my cleats are stuck in your corneas! The recent episode "Mall Girl Pearl" has the manager of Hot Dogs On A String cooked alive. That is, until As Nodt drops an Emotion Bomb on Byakuya Kuchiki in the most graphic and brutal defeat of the entire story. For a few examples: In the episode "Bestest Friend," Zim befriends an Earth child, and later rips his eyes out; even the fact it's only shown in the shadows doesn't dilute it much. In "The Blue Belt", the hero's eyes are burnt out by a troll and his own mother.

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